How we work

We work by hour - ad-hoc and as a subscription

We work on an hourly basis. You book a certain amount of our time and we are at your disposal during this time. You can also book our time in the form of a renewable subscription. The price depends on the amount of time you want to book.

Our Policies

  1. Business Hours
  • Our team is available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CEST.
  1. Observance of Holidays
  • We adhere to Polish national and public holidays.
  1. On-Site Assignment Costs
  • Additional charges apply for on-site services outside Opole, Poland.
  1. Dedicated Contact
  • A single point of contact ensures streamlined communication.
  1. Transparent Workflow
  • Clients have continuous access to our ticketing system, detailing all completed work.
  1. Subscription Utilization and Billing
  • Subscription hours must be utilized within the current month, with invoicing on a monthly cycle.

Our Services

  1. Comprehensive Software Development
  • Tailored programming solutions across platforms: web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  1. Technical Documentation
  • Meticulous creation of technical documents including specifications, software requirements, design blueprints, and user manuals, all in proficient English.
  1. Advanced Technology Analysis
  • In-depth evaluation of technologies to ensure the most efficient and effective solutions.
  1. Holistic IT Support
  • Full-spectrum IT support, leveraging our robust company IT infrastructure for project-specific needs.
  1. Lifecycle Support for Software
  • Comprehensive assistance in software lifecycle management, encompassing Source Code Management (SCM), build server operations, and more.
  1. Bespoke Design and Collaboration
  • Custom design services, including active collaboration with clients and coordination with third-party vendors.

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